Assembling X-Stage Lite For 9 Foot Ceiling Without Losing Pole Length

X-Stage Lite 45mm chrome pole set up at home in room.

Maximizing every inch of workable pole length against the height of the ceiling is ideal to get the most from your pole fitness practice. No one wants empty space between the top of the pole and ceiling because it means less pole to grab. Minimizing height reduction when installing the pole is preferred if possible. The following assembly method, discovered through trial and error, saves you from losing a few inches of precious pole height.

I recently set up my new X-Stage Lite in a room with a ceiling height of 9 feet. Though I’m only temporarily living here I wanted my X-Pole back. Two years ago, before moving to California, I lived in a house with a cathedral ceiling. My X-Stage Lite was assembled as is without the need for an extension. However, during this current stint I wanted to set up an X-Stage Lite without sacrificing a few inches from the ceiling. I knew that in order to assemble the top (B section) pole in the X Joint it had to be lifted 5 or so inches higher to move it into the sleeve.

I pondered if only there was a way to assemble the pole without sacrificing the extra couple of inches. Nevertheless, I figured it out and would like to share my findings with you.

The Clever Way I Assembled My Pole

The X-Stage Lite has a total standing height of 10 feet when set up. This includes the entire length from floor (below the base) to top. However, in order to assemble you must connect the ‘B’ pole (the second-half pole that connects above the ‘A’ pole) by lifting it higher than its workable height in order to mount inside the halfway sleeve known as the “X Joint.” This requires a ceiling height of 10.5 feet so that the ceiling does not block this process.

As you can see from the image below, the very top of my B pole is almost touching the ceiling, giving me maximum length to utilize when maneuvering on the pole. As mentioned, an extra 5 inches is needed to lift the B pole higher than its workable height in order to mount within the X Joint. How did I do this? Keep reading.

The X-Stage Lite installed at home with minimal clearance from pole top to ceiling.
X-Stage Lite installed at home with minimal clearance from pole to ceiling. The pole still does not touch the ceiling.

Ideal and Less-than-Ideal Methods

There are two ways to set up an X-Stage Lite in a less-than-10.5 foot ceiling using extensions:

(1) using a 750mm (29.52″) extension which replaces the longer B pole, giving you just enough room to lift the B pole high enough to insert into the X Joint in its vertical position. However, this leaves a couple of inches between the pole top and ceiling, resulting in loss of length; OR

(2) using a 1000mm (39.37″) extension which replaces the longer B pole, resulting in minimal loss of length due to the pole being almost flush with the ceiling.

The Base Plate Diameter Problem

Choice number ‘1’ obviously allows for more workable pole, but screwing it in the X Joint requires an extra 5 inches, which is blocked by the ceiling. However, after analyzing these metrics I got an idea: assembling the B pole horizontally with the entire unit on its side, then raising it up.

I realized that even this method presents a problem though when returning the pole to vertical. It scrapes the ceiling on the way up. I tried it, only to have my assumption confirmed. The reason is because of the diameter of the circular base. I had already assembled the legs and plates.

The Clever Solution

However, then I got another idea. Removing half the plates and fanning the legs on the side against the floor reduced the diameter by half. This reduction of the radius allowed me to subsequently raise the pole to vertical from horizontal without hitting the ceiling—low and behold it worked! Problem solved.

Setting up X-Stage Lite in a room with 9 foot ceiling by positioning unit on its side before raising it up.
Setting up X-Stage Lite in a room with 9 foot ceiling by positioning unit on its side before raising it up.

You can of course forgo assembling the plates and legs before raising the pole to vertical using this method. I only did otherwise because I had already tried setting it up the other way before having the issue. In case you may wonder whether laying the pole on its side like this causes any adverse effects to the frame, it doesn’t. I had this concern initially, but realized that the pole is made for rigorous use. So long as the aerial unit is not subjected to extreme impacts, the X-Pole is a durable product designed specifically for the human body’s weight and maneuver.

Choosing an X-STAGE Lite Over an XPERT

There are advantages to using an X-Stage Lite at home instead of the pressure-mounted XPERT. First, you may be living at a temporarily location with less-than-ideal conditions for a pole, such as a room with a popcorn ceiling. Though an XPERT can still be installed on popcorn ceilings, the paste may require touchups after dismantling. Second, it may foster suspicion by landlords who worry that your pole will cause damage. Though this can be refuted through proper explanation, sometimes it’s better to just avoid the matter. I like the X-Stage Lite for such instances because it looks non-permanent at first glance.

In this case I chose to set up an X-Stage Lite. The only disadvantage when compared to the XPERT is not being able to do floor work (splits and other moves on solid floor around the pole) due to the X-Stage base. Of course you can still do some positions, but stretching your legs out in a split would cause your feet to go beyond the base and drop further, thus touching the floor. For me, however, I’m not that concerned over that lost benefit. I do plenty of splits and other poses on my yoga mat at other times. I like using the pole for what I can do mounted on it.

Nevertheless, there are added advantages to using an X-Stage Lite over an XPERT. X-Stage’s are portable for both indoor and outdoor use. The X-Stage Lite is the “lighter” version, allowing you to set up virtually anywhere you choose (social events, the beach, etc.). Though much of this is personal preference, the X-Stage Lite is a unique pole that can be taken just about any place you travel.

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