Lust Pole Blog is the place where I speak boldly and openly about my knowledge in workouts, pole fitness, yoga, meditation, and overall wellness culture. I love sharing my experiences and documenting my journey with the world. I see this blog as a place where I come to vent and express myself freely. This is “My Space”—and my server! LOL

As an official dealer for X-POLE I give instructions on how to set up pole dance equipment, along with my personal insight and reviews. Let Lust Pole Blog be an open, ongoing dialog of my journey which serves to enlighten, inspire, and educate my readers.

Further, Lust Pole goes beyond pole dance. It is the ultimate health and fitness hub for enthusiastic individuals who seek to reach their fullest potential in mind, body and spirit.

Sexy, Raunchy Pole Fitness

Let’s face it–pole dancing is sexy and erotic, while simulteneously developing your body and mind. Pole fitness is a rough sport at first. However, when you learn to relax on the pole and unleash your wild side–the sinful, forbidden fun begins.

I love having orgasms on my pole. I love squeezing my thighs as I hug the pole in pleasurable bliss. It’s truly amazing. I am one to have multiple orgasms actually—I can go, and go, and go for as long as I want. What is life? Well, what you make of it I guess.

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